Business Alliances

Build a new relationship with Valley – and keep your old ones, too.

Many payroll providers have a lot of irons in the fire. They process payroll but they also sell investment products, group benefits and sometimes even retirement plans.
They spend more time trying to cross sell their payroll clients than they spend serving their clients’ payroll needs.

Valley does one thing and we do it well: we process payroll. We don’t try to sell you insurance or investment plans because that’s not our core business. We respect whatever relationships you already have in place for insurance, benefits and retirement plans. We work seamlessly with those companies and are more than happy to handle the premium collection and administration on your behalf. If you do happen to need guidance finding partners in these areas, though, we are more than happy to help. Get started with Valley today!

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Do you sell insurance, group benefits or retirement plans? Your customers may be at risk!

Some payroll companies entice their customers to allow them to be their source and agent for your products and services. If you sell and service these products and your customers uses one of these payroll bureaus, your business could be at risk. Valley doesn't sell any insurance, group benefit or retirement plans and has no financial interest in who our clients choose for these products. Protect your investment! Send your customers to Valley.

They'll thank you for it.