Getting Started

We like to keep things simple. That’s why we never make you sign a service contract or commit to payroll services you don’t want. All you need to do to get started with Valley is supply us with some information, and you’re on your way to premier payroll processing.

When we receive the following items from you, we can make your transition to Valley quick and easy.

If you’re a new company, or you’re beginning the calendar year, we need:

  • A voided company check from your payroll account.

  • Your federal and state(s) employer identification numbers.

  • Employee names, addresses and Social Security Numbers.

  • Employee pay rates and any optional deductions.

  • Employee leave time accrual rates and balances, if applicable.

  • Usable signature sample, if applicable.

  • Direct deposit enrollment form, if applicable.

  • Information on any child support, tax liens or garnishments, if applicable.

For a mid-year conversion, we also need quarter and year-to-date totals by employee for:

  • Gross wages paid.

  • State withholding.

  • Federal withholding.

  • FICA and Medicare withholding.

  • Employee optional deductions, if applicable.

  • Copy of previous quarters 941 and state tax returns.

For our Total Tax solution clients, we need a signed, standard IRS Power of Attorney, which we forward once your account is established.

So what's Next?

Contact Valley TODAY and we’ll put you on the path to quality payroll processing!