Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Enrolling in Valley’s Employee Self-Service will allow your employees to view their payroll information from a secure Web portal.

ESS will help reduce routine employee inquires by granting them anytime access to their information –even from their Smartphone.

Employees can:
  • View and print current and past voucher stubs
  • View withholding history for the current and previous year
  • View benefit hours –if applicable
  • View personal demographics information
  • View and print W2 forms for the past 2 years

* * Employees will not be able to view any other payroll information and will not be able to change any of their payroll information. If an employee is terminated or anytime upon your request, the ESS account will automatically disable within a few hours.

There is absolutely no additional work for you or your staff. Employee Self- Service provides auto-enrollment with secure passwords. Once employees are on the Web they manage their own passwords without any intervention.